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Thank goodness for photos

or I probably wouldn't complete NaBloPoMo.  Almost there!


Audrey wanted to get me blue flowers.  So Chris let her. =)

5 years ago

Happy Anniversary, Boo <3

Jun. 25th, 2010

Been up since 4:30 this morning.  Got done with work at 7:30 pm but had to stay back until 9:30pm for a meeting.  Got washed up, said good night to the kid (doubt she even realized that), and have been sitting here for a few minutes scanning people's entries.  I really should be asleep.  All I can say is:  Thank goodness for the people I work with and for my hubby being such a wonderfully understanding daddy.  If not for them, this day could have been awful especially since it was so long.  I love you guys. 

Now... time to sleep.  I'm so tired I can sleep just about anywhere.

Well... maybe not ANYwhere.  THIS guy is the master of sleeping anywhere. =)


Another poem

photo by Audrey (her version of one of the trees in our neighborhood, taken with her Fischer Price camera)

by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza

That tree with trembling leaves
is longing for something.

That tree, so lovely to look at,
seems to want to give away flowers:
it is longing for something.

That tree, so lovely to see,
seems to want to flower:
it is longing for something.

It seems to want to give away flowers:
they are already showing; come and look a them:
it is longing for something.

It seems to want to flower:
they are already showing; come and see them:
it is longing for something.

They are already showing; come and look at them.
Let the women come to pick the fruit:
it is longing for something.


"Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow." -- The Talmud

My baby's getting old

The vet told us today that Winston is about 60 years old now and that we may need to start thinking about a "senior" diet.  What?  My first baby?  Hard to imagine...

                                       Winston at around 6 weeks old                                                                       His namesake

on his skateboard

doing his Harry Potter impression on Christmas morning

Gene Simmons impression =P

His Olympia impression

The Empty Nest

by William Watson

I saunter all about the pleasant place
You made thrice pleasant, O my friends, to me;
But you are gone where laughs in radiant grace
That thousand-memoried unimpulsive sea.
To storied precincts of the southern foam,
Dear birds of passage, ye have taken wing,
And ah! for me, when April wafts you home,
The spring will more than ever be the spring
Still lovely, as of old, this haunted ground;
Tenderly, still, the autumn sunshine falls;
And gorgeously the woodlands tower around,
Freak'd with wild light at golden intervals:
Yet, for the ache your absence leaves, O friends,
Earth's lifeless pageantries are poor amends.

Happy Father's Day

To the most wonderful dad I've ever known, Happy Father's Day, Chris!  We love you =0*

Flower showers

It was a breezy day this morning when Audrey and I went for our walk.  The sun was out.  Then the clouds rolled in.  Then the sky was blue again.  Had it started raining with no clouds visible above us, it would've been a typical day out here indeed.  My fascination today was with the trees outside.  I really should figure out what kind of tree they are.  Audrey was just thrilled to walk around with her brand new umbrella.  it worked out well for both of us. 

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