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Then life caught up

What can I say?  It was a busy couple of months.  I still can't believe it's already October.  Where has the year gone? 

When I left off, I was actually already in Colorado but I was still updating about Tom and Krista's wedding/wedding preparations.  The wedding was beautiful, and the bride even more so.  I've seen many brides look gorgeous on their wedding day, but no one had the glow Krista had on July 30th.  I got to play photographer for a little while, though I was glad there was a professional photographer there to do their portraits.  It would have been way too much pressure on an amateur like me, especially since I had to get the flower girl to behave.


No sand where we were, but there was still dirt and petals to play with.

Overall, I was happy with the photos I took.  I definitely would need A LOT more practice and work, but I'm glad I at least attempted it.  It was fun and I get to give the bride and groom photos that they otherwise would not have had. 

After the wedding, I had a few days of work and then packing for our trip out to Colorado.  It was the most eventful vacation I've ever taken, perhaps outside of the road trip the hubby and I took a few years back.  There was a new adventure every day, and tons of pictures to document them. 

There were a couple of different days at the Pueblo Reservoir:
Ronnie and Haley on the jetski
My husband's stepsister and her niece on the jetski.

There was the visit to the zoo:

There was a lot of hanging out with the cousins:

Audrey's entire day at the pool:
Splish Splash

Audrey's first kite flying:

A trip to Garden of the Gods:

LOTS of photos at the Air Force Academy Chapel:

A drive up to Pike's Peak:

And a few other excursions. There were train rides and dinosaur exhibits for Audrey, visits to our favorite bookstores and Chinese buffets for Chris and myself.  There was a birthday party, a walk down the river, and arts and crafts with the kids.  There were lots of happy dogs and a well fed horse.  There was family reconnecting (one of my favorite parts of the trip).  It was one of the best vacations we've ever had.   

My other favorite part of the trip: two of our greatest friends, Brad and Kerri, came out to Colorado to join us and it was such a blast.  Kerri and I had our cameras glued to our faces for most of the time, but with all the stuff around us, who can really blame us?  My one regret is that with all the photographs that were taken, I can't believe we didn't have a photo of all of us together =(  What the hell?  Still, I did get some shots that I was really happy with.  I got a few "firsts" during the trip: first bee, first dragonfly, first still to be identified fly, etc.  And I've finally gotten to play around with my camera enough to discover the trick of bokeh.  I've been slowly uploading the photos to my flickr page, and I'm STILL not done.  In fact, I think I actually burned out there for a bit, hence the scarcity of photos in September.  

We were away for almost three weeks (with way too much time spent at the airport in Las Vegas).  Coming back was a bit rough and I felt I needed a vacation just to relax after such a busy vacation.  Still, I managed to return to work without too much grumbling.  Hell, I've actually even enjoyed being back at work.  I think mentoring a student nurse has made a difference.  It keeps me on my toes.  Now things are slowly getting back to "normal" and settling down and my biggest fear is falling into a rut.  I just hope that in my attempts to avoid the rut, I don't go nuts getting into too many projects (I'm prone to extremes, what can I say?)  I'll try and take it slow. Step one: write a blog entry.  Check.  Step two... I don't know yet.  I did say I was gonna take it slow. 


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