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Aloha! (Part 3)

After a couple of days at work, it was already time for the wedding rehearsal and the wedding day.  We met the family at the hotel and walked over to a nearby park for the rehearsal.  Silly me didn't bring my DSLR that day, but I still managed to get a couple of shots of the event. 

Rehearsal?  But there's sand!
The flower girl easily gets distracted by sand-- a big concern for a beach wedding

The ladies
The ladies

The Gents
The gents

The lovely Maid of Honor, aka bride's sister
The Maid of Honor, aka sister of the bride (I like this pic of Kellie)

My fave shot of the rehearsal
My favorite shot of the day. 

Rehearsal dinner was at Duke's where everyone enjoyed the food and atmosphere.  I didn't take any pics there though-- I was too busy stuffing my face from their awesome salad bar and my mouth-watering prime rib. (Yum!)  We trekked back to the hotel afterwards and shuttled the bride's side of the family to karaoke =)  Before this night, Kellie was the only one who had been to karaoke that didn't consist of a bar, a stage, a mic, and EVERYONE else watching.  Chris and I figured it was a great way to show them the FUN way to do it.  Out in Hawaii (and apparently in New York, which is where Kellie was exposed to it), Karaoke means paying for a room that has all the equipment, bringing your own food and booze, and just letting it go while surrounded by your friends and/or family.  It may have been the only time I never sang a solo, but it was just so entertaining watching the cousins go off.  Makes me wish we were around them more often. 

From left to right: younger sis Kellie, younger bro Ryan, and the bride herself

Who needs a mic?

Grease, of course!
ending with Grease, of course!  What else?

Next part?  The wedding....



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