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It has been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I was off work the entire time, but no... I fit it all in AND worked my full shifts. 

A while back I mentioned that Chris's cousin was coming out to Hawaii to get married. The bride's mom (Aunt Tori),  sister  and maid of honor (Kellie), brother (Ryan), 3 more bridesmaids (Erin, Stephanie, and Darryl), the musician (James-- also Darryl's bf), and mom's friend (Carol) all arrived together.  The groom's family and friends, the bride's other brother, and the bride and groom themselves came in separately (and later).  Chris and I got the first group their welcome leis and took them to their hotel in Waikiki and walked around to get some dinner.  We ended up at Senor Frogs that first night, which wasn't too bad.  They had karaoke that night and James went up to sing first, then the girls did a Brittney Spears song.  Overall, not a bad night.  We didn't stay out too long, since they DID just have a long ass flight from PA. 

The following day was spent as tour guides for Aunt Tori and Carol on a round-island trip of Oahu.  The younger group decided to hang around in Waikiki and do all the active stuff on the beach (surf lessons, parasailing, etc.).  We visited Dole Plantation, of course, then made our way around North Shore.  We then took them out for some local food followed by dessert at Matsumoto's =)  Audrey was more excited than anyone when she realized we were in the same store that was mentioned in her book, There's a Monster in My Opu.  We all tried out different flavors, of course.  Audrey's favorite was Melona (yum). 


From there we continued our drive, on the lookout for a spot to just watch the surf.  Being a weekend, there wasn't much left of the roadside to park on.  We did eventually find a spot to stop at and decided to go out to the tide pools.  Audrey, who prefers swimming pools to oceans, spent her time on the beach, playing with the sand.  She and Aunt Tori built a little sand castle just in time for us to head back to the car (Carol was getting too hot).   

there were a ton of little hermit crabs and fish swimming around in the tide pools

building the sand castle

gotta get the feet wet at some point


Aunt Tori with the final touches


We continued our drive and took them out to La'ie Point.  If you've seen the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this was the spot they hiked to and jumped off the cliffs. 




Onward we drove, enjoying the views as we drove past.  By late afternoon, we were on the Windward side and headed up to the Pali Lookout.  It's usually windy up there, but on this day, it was even gustier than usual. 


enjoying the wind =)

We stopped at a couple more of the scenic lookouts then eventually found our way back to the west end of the island.  Though we didn't think we were that hungry at first, we ended up having a filling dinner at Bravo's and called it a night. Chris, Audrey and I headed back home and Aunt Tori and Carol back to their hotel.  We needed our rest.  Afterall, there was more planned for the next couple of days. 


Aug. 6th, 2010 01:40 am (UTC)
My brother just went to Maui for a week last month (the bastard). I would love to go out to one of the islands some day. I've always wanted to.


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